Toe Sucking Newbie Ginger Lee

Ginger had it all going on as far as I was concerned. She was petite with great curves, a great smile, long strawberry blonde hair and just the prettiest little feet I had ever seen. And to top it all off, she had a sexy southern accent that had the attention of me and my dick. Ginger had never really done foot fetish sex before but she had all the tools to do it. She was even flexible enough to suck her own toes and let me tell you, that was a real turn on. By the time I walked onto the set, my cock was already getting hard while Ginger was naked waiting for me. I pulled out my cock and had Ginger wrap her feet around it as she stroked up and down. I just had to stick my meat in her mouth and Ginger sucked me deep. I grabbed her and put her on top of me as I slid her tight shaved wet snatch down on my stiff meat. Ginger said she liked being on top best and I could tell by the way she rode me. I busted her all over the couch and Ginger just kept getting off. I finally blasted my load, coating her pretty feet with cum. It wasn’t real hard to get excited about Ginger.

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