The Driving Lesson

The Driving Lesson cover

Angel and Jacqui, in thongs, are headed to the shore in Angel’s ’64 Tempest. Jacqui admires the old car, and Angel offers to teach her how to drive a stick shift. First they have to overcome the Tempest’s tendency to flood, the battery nearly dies before they figure out how to get it to catch. Angel demonstrates how to do it then the fun really begins when Jacqui takes her turn behind the wheel. She drives around the parking lot, jerking the car as she practices continually stalling and restarting. They switch places periodically. Angel is a confident driver and Jacqui is fearful but in the end Angel drives to the shore. This was a real-life shoot, it really was Jacqui’s first time on a stick shift. You get to experience her trepidation and fear of wrecking the classic car.

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This sexy foot fetish clip from The Driving Lesson by Feet Dreams studio features a sexy girl with cute painted toes working the pedals of an old clunker as she drives around with her friend.

Categories: Oddities All Girl Legs Foot Fetish

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Feet Dreams