She Likes to do Foot Favors

People are forever asking me why I go and get a pedicure every week without fail. Well I can’t tell them the truth or they will thick I am a fucking whore. I guess in some small way I really am just a slut at heart. I never tire of giving men an expert foot job and taking a cute load of sexy man goo all over my feet. And in order to do this properly I think a teen should have perfect feet.

The last time I was leaving the salon the teen who had just finished my pedicure asked if I was getting all dolled up for a night on the town. She was so sexy I decided to tell what I was really up to and was hoping she would be interested. It turns out she was more than just interested and accompanied me home to help satisfy my latest lover. Did he ever blow a load that night when four feet worked over his fat wang!

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