Sexy Feet At the Park


This babe hung out at the park all last summer and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her – mostly her feet. They were just so hot and she was always wearing these sexy, strappy summer sandals. And she must have painted her toenails every night because they were always a different color to match her outfit. So, I spent a lot of time watching her from afar. Finally, just before summer ended, I got up the guts to talk to her and am I ever glad she did because it turns out she loved her feet and loved having them touched as much as I wanted to touch them. Now, she’s my girlfriend and she lets me touch her feet as much as I want. I give her foot massages and paint her toenails and rub lotion on them. And then I slide my dick in between her soft soles and fuck them and guy goo her tooties with loads of jizz. My kind of lady.

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