Penny Has Pretty Feet


Got a foot fetish? Do you love pretty lady feet like I do? Then you need to check this babe out. Penny has the most delicate looking lil feet. And she takes very good care of them. Moisturizes them every single day, paints her toe nails, keeps them in perfect condition. And she’s very adventurous and open to new things so she has no problem letting a man with a foot fetish use her feet as his personal fuck dildo. She’ll even take over and give him a good foot job, sliding his boner between the her in-steps, and totally working him over. She knows how to please a man that climaxes on her sexy feet. And she even loves it when he can’t control himself any longer and lets loose a large pile of creamy guy goo all over her tootsies. This lady just loves the smell of guy goo and she knows it makes her skin soft and supple.

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