New to the Toe Game – Kylie Hart

It was hard to believe Kylie had never gotten guys off with her sexy feet before because we hadn’t even turned the camera on over at the studio when she had my cock sliding between her arches. She was just giving herself a test run, and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. It was a pretty nice site watching this hot blue eyed blonde stroking my dick up and down with her fresh pedicure teasing me. I was really horned up and started licking and sucking her toes before I made a direct beeline for Kylie’s pussy with my tongue. I stopped eating her shaved snatch and eased my think cock inside her, pounding away as I kept my mouth busy on her toes. Kylie sure was flexible because I had her bouncing all over my dick in all kinds of crazy positions. Right before I blew, I had Kylie curled up in chair as I stroked her. I pulled my meat out and glazed her new painted toes with a load of man goo. I would say Kylie has this whole foot thing down on her first go round.

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