Jessica Valentino’s Cum Glazed Feet

Jessica Valentino came in the studio claiming that she is the BEST at foot jobs. Just 18 years old, I had my doubts. How could someone barely legal be so into freaky foot fetishes?. Had to figure out a test. So I threw a big dildo in front of her. Jessica stroked the shaft with her French tipped toes. Up and down her feet rubbed the dildo, all the while licking her lips at me, asking for my cock. I was hard no doubt and ready to plow her pussy. I whipped my thick cock out. Wiggled it in Jessica Valentino’s face. She kissed it, sucked the tip then leaned back to wrap her feet around my fat cock. As she stroked me I grabbed her foot, sucked her toes and fondled her wet pussy. Check out what happens next ONLY at!

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