Gummy Bear Foot Sex – Nika Niore

It’s not everyday you see a hot chick with her sexy painted toes deep inside a bowl of gummy bears but I must say it was quite a turn on. And that European accent didn’t hurt Nika’s cause either. She was a pretty stunning sight in her pink lingerie wiggling her toes through the candy dish and putting her feet up to her mouth to lick them. I had to get a taste too so I walked onto the set and grabbed her feet and did my own taste test while fingering her snatch until she was dripping. I gave Nika’s pussy a good tasting too just before I pulled my cock out of my jeans for her to stroke it with her feet. We were both more than ready to fuck so I jacked Nika’s ass in the air and started drilling her tight slit doggie style. I busted that young pussy every way I could think of before I busted a load of goo all over her pretty toes that Nika gladly licked up. I think she liked that more than the gummy bears.

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