Giving a Foot Job



Boys, there are a lot of things that I am good at but  you ain’t felt nothing until I’ve given u a foot job.  Seriously!  You might laugh now but I have some really beautiful feet.  They are softer than you would ever imagine and when your chubby hard wang slides between my silky soles you’ll bust a nut trying to fuck my feet.  But I like to be in control when I give a foot job so you’d better sit back and enjoy.

Most guys don’t think it would be for them but I’ve surprised a lot of guys in my time.  I guess there is just something so dirty and fetish like about it that once it is happening to them they can’t help but lose control over the situation.  After a good workout from my foot fucking they are prepared to explode!  And that’s usually exactly what they do!  They shoot a fat load of man goo all over my tender tootsies and I love it!  Why do you think my feet are so damned soft?

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