Foot Fetish Extreme


This stud had an extreme foot fetish and he really climaxes on a babe who has sexy feet and isn’t afraid to use them. She teases him first by making him give her a foot massage. His dick is getting hard just by touching her sensuous feet. Then she has him lick them all over – her heels, her soles, her instep. She even makes him suck each 1 of her toes. He’s going crazy by this point so she finally lets him take his weiner out and it is hard as a rock. Then she rubs her feet up and down his shaft and listens to him moan and groan. He really wants to cum but he knows he’d damn well better wait until she says it is ok or his weiner will never see her hot toes again. She finally gives him the word and he covers her feet in a pile of creamy sperm.

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