Foot Fetish Dreams


I had this dream last night about my next door neighbor. She’s that sexy chick that lives next door and is totally untouchable. U know the one I mean. Blonde, beautiful, perfect puppies, perfect butt, and perfect feet. I think that is what gets me the most.

Every day I watch her and she looks hotter than the next. She’s started wearing her summer wardrobe. Cute sundresses and always with a pair of adorable strappy sandals that show off her delicate feet. Hef feet are so dainty and smooth looking and she always has her toe nails polished. I guess that’s why I dreamed that she was giving me a foot job. She has her soles wrapped around my penis and was working it over good. And then I came all over them. Her feet were covered with man goo and I just kept spurting load after load of my goo all over her feet.

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