Foot Fetish Chickz

I just love a chick that finishes on foot fetishes as much as I do. You know that lady – the 1 with the perfect pedicure that brings out the summer sandals way before it is warm enough just because she likes to show off her sexy feet. The teen that never leaves the house without nail polish on her toes. The 1 with the sexy ankle bracelet or the fishnet stockings. She likes to accessorize her feet because she likes to call attention to them.

I love it even more when she knows what to do with her feet. There aren’t enough chickz in this world that know how to give a proper foot job. I’ve had a few chicks try but only maybe a handful have actually had a clue what they were doing. But those few are worth searching for. A lady who knows how to rub my dick just the right way with her feet, knows how to massage my balls with the heel of her foot, that one chick that can make me squirt loads of jizz all over her tootsies – that lady could win my heart!

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