Flexible Foot Freak – Roxy Deville

Certified barefoot maniac Roxy Deville came by to show me her toe sucking skills. She brought her foot up to her mouth and began to suck her toes like a cock. She sucked each little piggy then licked the bottom of her foot. Damn. Roxy grabbed both her legs, put them behind her head and flicked her clit, then smiled at me. That’s it, I had to taste her feet. I walked over to Roxy Deville with my cock hanging out, she made a move to suck it, I pushed her back down, grabbed her ankles and stuck her entire foot into my mouth. I moved her feet down to my already stiff cock and she began to stroke it up and down between the base of her feet. It was an insanely good foot job. She leaned forward, grabbed my cock with her hands and deep throated my python. I flipped her over to ease into her pierced pussy doggie style while sucking her toes. With each thrust I sucked her toes harder and harder. Roxy Deville was starting to get off. All of a sudden her body quivered, she came all over my cock. She took her fingers, massaged her clit for round 2. This time I spread her legs wide for a missionary style drilling. I was amazed at her flexibility. She was sucking her toes while getting her tight pussy pummeled. Just then I hit my peak, pulled my cock out and showered her feet with my fuck juice. Roxy Deville licked up every last drop. My kind of girl!

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