Flexible Foot Freak – Katerina Kat

For all you foot lovers out there, we got a girl for you. Katerina Kat is a sexy blonde goddess that enjoys licking her own toes and has the flexibility to do so. Thankfully! Katerina came to the studio in a cute pink beach cover up holding a bag Valentines Day hearts. Her special talent was eating the little hearts off her sexy toes. She found one that said Do Me. You bet your hot ass I will. Katrina placed 2 candies between her toes and dropped them into her mouth. They matched her sexy pink tongue ring. I had to get those gorgeous feet into my mouth. I laid her back on the couch, spread her toes and sucked each little piggy till she was begging to give me a foot job. Hey, I am not complaining. I dropped my pants and Katerina Kat stroked my every growing shaft between the bottoms of her silky smooth feet. Being as flexible as she was, Katrina licked the tip of my cock while still giving me one hell of a foot job. I was so turned on I shoved her legs apart, grabbed her ankles, and slammed my huge cock deep into her pink pussy. I was thrusting in and out while sucking on those pretty little toes. After about 5 more positions and another 30 minutes of hardcore fucking I unleashed my nut butter all over the tops of her feet. Like a good little foot freak Katerina licked her toes dry. She got her Valentines Day wish!

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