Chinese Bound feet – History

Enslaved feet were once considered “intensely cute”. Qing Dynasty sex manuals listed 48 different ways of playing with models’s bound feet.[1] Some men preferred never to see a slut’s enslaved feet, so they were always concealed within small “lotus shoes” and wrappings. Feng Xun  is recorded as stating, “If you remove the shoes and bindings, the aesthetic feeling will be destroyed forever” — an indication that guys understood that the symbolic erotic fantasy of chained foot did not correspond to its unpleasant physical reality, which was therefore to be kept hidden. For dudes, the primary sweet effect was a function of the lotus gait, the small steps and swaying walk of a slut whose foot had been bound. Girls with such deformed feet avoided placing weight on the front of the foot and tended to walk predominantly on their heels. As a result, girls who underwent foot-binding walked in a careful, cautious, and unsteady manner.[6]  The very fact that the confined feet was concealed from dudes’s eyes was, in and of itself, sexually appealing. On the other hand, an uncovered feet would also give off a foul odor, as various saprobic microorganisms would colonize the unwashable folds.

Another attribute of a lady with restrained feet was the limitations of her mobility and, therefore, her inability to take part in politics, social life, and the world at large. Restrained feet rendered ladies dependent on their families, particularly their guys, and, therefore, became an alluring symbol of chastity and male ownership, since a babe was largely restricted to her home and could not venture far without an escort or the help of watchful servants.

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