Betty Knows How to Treat a Foot Worshipper


I’ve always had a bit of a foot fetish.  I love lil tiny feet that are well kept – u know what I mean; soft skin, painted nails, smelling sweet, and so on.  And Betty likes her feet.  Every day she makes sure that she’s buffed off any dry skin so that they always feel like silk.  The other thing that drives me wild is hose.  Hot hose with the lace on top.  Yum. 

I came home from 1 of the worst nights ever at work and Betty was there.  She was wearing sheer ebony hose and a yummy tiny teddy and no panties and I could view her pink toenail polish through the hose.  She told me to lay back and relax as she took off my clothes and then she treated me to the greatest footjob ever.  Betty knows just what to do to make me relax and I love the fact that my foot fetish turns her on almost as much as it does me. 

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