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Our foot master Billy brought us a sexy foot fetish freak Alysa. She loves to have feet played with, and Billy is just the man to do so. Starting off sucking on her toes, licking her feet and getting her so turned on she just had to take over. Grabbing his hard dick with her feet and giving him a great foot job. Once Billy was in the grips of her feet, he was ready to give her a good hard fucking she came for!

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Foot thrashing, variously known as bastinado, falanga (phalanga), and falaka (falaqa), is a form of corporal punishment whereby the soles of the foot are beaten with an object such as a cane or rod, a club, a piece of wood, or a whip. It is also sometimes favoured as a form of torture because, although extremely painful, it leaves few physical marks, though evidence can be detected via ultrasound technology.[citation needed]

The prisoner may be immobilised before application of the beating by tying, securing the foot in stocks, locking the legs into an elevated position, or hanging upside-down. The Persian term falaka referred to a wooden plank which was used to secure the feet prior to beating.

Foot spanking is effective due to the clustering of nerve endings in the feet and the structure of the feet, with its numerous small bones and tendons. The wounds inflicted are particularly painful and take a long time to heal, rendering it a particularly abusive and vicious punishment.

This punishment has, at various times, been used in China, as well as the Middle East

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Check out these video clips of amateurs caned feet:

Intense caning and pain on the of the feet!

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Jessie Palmer was way hotter than other barefoot hotties I’ve been with. She seemed the quiet and the ordinary type at first but when I whipped out my swollen junk and wrapped her feet around it. She went on giving me a foot job until I was hard enough to pound her sloppy tight pussy. But she did not let go of my big junk and swallowed every inch of it. Once she was done giving me pleasure I returned the favor and slipped my cock in and out of her twat all over the couch until I was about to pop. I was just in time to pull out and stroke my entire creamy goodness on her feet.

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