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When it comes to playing with guys that have a foot fetish, Melissa is amazing. She likes to be the 1 in charge and totally tease the hell out of him, get his man meat nice, and hard and then finish off with a amazing foot job. And she has the perfect feet for foot jobs. They are soft and silky and perfectly manicured. Just thinking about her feet wrapped around my wang drives me crazy.

Melissa really knows what she is doing when it comes to foot fucking. She uses the soles of her feet and her toes to totally drive this guy crazy. With exact precision and a lot of skill Melissa gets this guy so hard he’s begging for her to let him man goo. But Melissa isn’t a softie. She makes him hold out for a long time before she finally gives him his reward!

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I met Missy when I came back from a tour of duty overseas and not having seen any muff while I was gone made me all the more horny once I was back home. Missy knew I would be prepared for some great times and she always made sure to keep things interesting so that I was always experiencing something new. That was 1 of the things that first attracted me to Missy – her wild sense of adventure.

1 night we were fooling around and Missy told me that she loved it when her toes were sucked while she was getting nailed. She also mentioned that 1 of her fantasies was to have a guy take her feet and fuck them until he couldn’t last any longer. I owed Missy a lot for her loving ways and thought it sounded like fun so I grabbed her feet and penetrated them until they were covered with my latest load!

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Pete is definitely the man when it comes to screwing feet. I called him when Kacey Jordan stormed to the studio begging for a stint in the newest Barefoot Maniacs video. I am a sucker for blonde pornstars with meaty pussies so I said why the fuck not. Less than 20 minutes later Pete comes roaring in the door while Kacey is getting made up. Pete said hello to Kacey, winked at me, and sat on the couch, just waiting. Kacey struts to the couch, licks her lips and waits for Pete’s instructions. He grabs her by the waist, throws her bed, spreads her legs and grabs her feet. He sucks each toe while Kacey moaned and rubbed her meaty pussy lips. Pete leans down, kisses Kacey, flips her over and screwed her doggie style while still sucking on her feet. Check out Kacey Jordan’s steamy toe sucking FULL MOVIE only at

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Terri Summers recently discovered that she has this special talent for jerking off dudes with her feet. Good thing the Barefoot Maniacs team was on the prowl for the newest foot fetish babe to launch into porn stardom. We quickly booked Terri for an exclusive shoot. I was thrilled when I saw her licking her cute toes. She was pretty damn flexible which is always a turn on for me. I basically bum rushed sexy Terri Summers, placed my hands on her tits, flicked her pussy then dropped my pants. She leaned back, wrapped her feet around my stiff cock. Jerked me up and down until I was almost ready to unleash my nut butter all over her grill. I pulled away, bent her over doggie style and pummeled her sweet meat while sucking on each little piggy. You gots to check out the FULL DOWNLOADABLE movie starring Terri Summers ONLY at baby!

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When you’re looking for a kinky
babe who understands how sexy her toes can be you don’t have to
look any further that this hot blonde. Man she understands what
magic she can work on a guys cock and she’s always happy to do it.
Step into the action here and you’ll see her stroke some cock till
it’s hard enough to fuck her brains out.

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I was on my way home from work last week and I spotted this gorgeous little Asian babe that I knew I just had to get to know. She was so little and gorgeous I knew that if I didn’t approach her I would regret it for the rest of my life. So I got my courage up and simply approached her as nicely as possible. It turns out we had a mutual friend so our conversation just took off and soon it was like we had known each other forever.

We agreed to have dinner at her place the following night and when the subject of sex came up she admitted that she just loved to have her toes sucked. I couldn’t believe it – sexy Asian, likes toe slobbing, and an butt that is perfect! After I promised to take extra good care of her toes she just slid off her skirt and invited me to come and play.

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